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Cactus Fields

Our Principles

Participate in our Democracy

Follow the  Constitution and Rule of Law

Promote and demand facts (objective reality) from ourselves and our elected officials.

Respect informed opinions but not those that are disingenuous or meant to misinform.

Protect voting rights and transparent, fair and credible elections

Promote Factual Awareness in a shared reality

Support the peaceful transition of power

Voting Rights

Women’s Rights

Marriage Equality

Race, Ethnic, Religious and Gender Equality

Common sense approach to gun violence

Quality public education

Build a Better Future

Water Conservation

Environmental Protections

Climate Change Regulation

Renewable Energy Legislation

Protecting our National Parks & Forest

Infrastructure Investments

Secure our country’s future through innovation, & technological advancement

Advocate for Seniors

Enhance Social Security and Medicare Benefits, not eliminating them

Promote quality healthcare systems

Endorse fair pharmaceutical pricing and access

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