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Arizona's Request to Speak

Arizona’s Request to Speak (RTS) is an online tool that lets everyday citizens give Arizona state lawmakers our feedback on bills. It’s an easy way to get involved in state politics, stay informed on the bills that directly affect us, and make sure our elected officials honor the wishes of us, their constituents.

Step 1:
Signup for Request to Speak

To access the RTS system, you must create an account and have it activated. Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is an organization which will facilitate the process.  Click the RTS sign-up button to begin the process.

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Step 2:
Using the RTS System


  • Sign in–upper right-hand corner–and then click the “Request to Speak” button.


  • On left section are options, click on “New Request.”


  • From here search for a bill. The easiest way to do this is to already know the bill number. You can browse the options under the ‘Bill Inquiry’ Section.


  • Once your bill comes up, the ‘Add Request’ in a blue box on the right side of the search results. Click this.


  • At this point, select a position (for, against, neutral). Ensure that you select NO to “Do you wish to speak” unless you intend on speaking in Phoenix, you can leave a brief comment.

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