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Support Equality

The Civic Responsibility Alliance understands it is the responsibility of all to encourage equality and diversity, eliminate unlawful discrimination, and protect and promote the human rights for all.

We support and protect freedom and equality for all including but not limited to:


Voting Rights

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Race, Ethnic, Religious and Gender Equality

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Women's Rights

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Common Sense Approach to Gun Violence

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Marriage Equality

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Quality Public Education

We will take action and advocate to protect freedom and equality for all by:

Aligning ourselves and leverage our efforts with a diversity of similar minded groups and organizations

Initiating and maintaining productive relationships with our local, state and national elected officials and their key staff members in order to advocate for equality legislation

Supporting voting access for all qualified citizens including disenfranchised felons

Advocating against all forms of voter suppression and gerrymandering that is based on partisan politics and racial discrimination. Support the passage of a National Voting Rights Act.

Promoting marriage equality legislation that is consistent on both a state and national level

Supporting Women’s reproductive health choices that protects family planning, contraception, pharmaceutically induced abortions, abortions up to the viability of the fetus, and protects healthcare professionals from criminal charges for carrying out their patient's healthcare decisions.

Condemning all hate acts and speech and call out elected officials who condone or refuse to condemn this behavior which could include racial, religious, ethnic or gender groups

Supporting state and national common sense firearm legislation that prohibits assault rifles, ghost guns, automatic conversion kits and requires background checks, purchase waiting periods, uniform red flag laws, an integrated gun registration database and allows government health agencies to study gun violence and related deaths.

Supporting substantial increase in funding for public education and elimination of school vouchers for private and religious schools

Thoughts on Equality


          However, the trend within the last several years has been to try to eliminate or reduce the rights for certain segments of the population, who differ from the majority.

Rights and equality are the cornerstone of our democracy. During the past 150 years, we the people of the United States of America believed and worked toward in granting more rights to our citizens. However, the trend within the last several years has been to try to eliminate or reduce the rights for certain segments of the population, who differ from the majority.

The CRA group will continue work to help enforce and enhance equality legislation on based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender, and sexual orientation. 

We will do this by participating in campaigns to contacting our local, state, and national elected officials to fight and support equality.  Working with organizations assist on projects protect and enhance these rights of all.

In addition, we understand there is a growing number of incidences of gun violence in the United States, even to the point where other countries have placed us on “traveler watches” so their citizens can be cautious when travelling to the US.  More than 45k people died of gun related injuries in 2020. Of these 54% were suicides and 45% were murders.  The trend seems to be growing every year. 


Civic Responsibility Alliance thinks there has to be a balanced approach for gun legislation and enhancing mental health resources to reduce deaths and injuries related to gun violence. This work must start by understanding each side of the issue and by working with organizations, congress, schools, and companies to develop an unbiased and common-sense approach.


Additionally, we must include providing quality public school education in this category. Education is crucial to building a more equitable society which provides a better life for the next generation.  By working for better funding of our public schools and improving the educational system, we will provide a  more equitable future all all.


Doctor's Appointment

Support Equality Project

Check back soon for upcoming projects!

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For over 50 years, NARAL has led the fight for reproductive freedom, including the right to access abortion.

Planned Parenthood Arizona is the largest sexual health organization in the state and serves thousands of people each year through health care, education, and advocacy.

The Human Rights Campaign envisions a world where every member of the LGBTQ+ family has the freedom to live their truth without fear, and with equality under the law. We empower our 3 million members and supporters to mobilize against attacks on the most marginalized people in our community.

ADL is the leading anti-hate organization in the world.

The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee everyone.

A nonpartisan, grassroots organization working to protect and expand voting rights and ensure everyone is represented in our democracy. We empower voters and defend democracy through advocacy, education, and litigation, at the local, state, and national levels.

Arizona List was founded in 2004 by a group of Arizona women determined to make significant change in their communities by electing more pro-choice, Democratic women. Arizona List is a powerful force in statewide politics due to it’s well funded political action committee solely dedicated to electing women in Arizona.

We trained thousands of nonpartisan volunteers to serve as voters’ first line of defense against confusing restrictions, outdated infrastructure, and disinformation.

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility works to end the gun violence crisis in our community and to promote a culture of gun ownership that balances rights with responsibilities. Through collaboration with experts, civic leaders, and citizens, we work to find evidence-based solutions to the crisis of gun violence in our community. We create innovative policy, advocate for changes in laws, and promote community education to reduce gun violence.

Advocates for and acts on education improvements that advance the quality of life for all Arizonans. 

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