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Participate in our Democracy

Civic Responsibility Alliance believes in participating in democracy by:

Following the Constitution and Rule of Law

Protecting voting rights and transparent, fair and credible elections

Promoting and demanding facts (objective reality) from ourselves and our elected officials.

Respecting informed opinions but not those that are disingenuous or meant to misinform.

Supporting the Peaceful Transition of Power

We will manifest our participation in democracy by:

Aligning ourselves and leverage our efforts with a diversity of similar minded groups and organizations

Supporting candidates from the top to the bottom of the ballot that share our mission, principles and policy positions

Exercising our duty as citizens to vote and encourage our community to do likewise

Educating ourselves on and advocate for legislation and propositions that align with our mission, principles and policy positions

Initiating and maintaining productive relationships with our local, state and national elected officials and their key staff members

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The Democratic National Committee is committed to electing Democrats everywhere – from the school board to the Oval Office.

We're powered by thousands of Arizonans who are committed to fighting for progress. From running for office to registering voters, we're coming together in all 15 counties to move our state forward.

PCDP works to elect Democratic candidates in Pima County who have values in alignment with the PCDP Platform, and we provide leadership and coordination for the election of Democrats up and down the ballot.

Legislative District 17 Democrats.

PDoSA a newly recognized Democratic club dedicated to the progressive agenda that Bernie is championing. Get involved! Your participation in the political process is more important now than ever and we want to help you be an empowered and effective agent of change.

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, an Indivisible group, is a grassroots nonpartisan organization that works to empower Arizona’s citizens to exercise their voices at the state level.

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is a grassroots nonpartisan organization working to empower Arizona residents to exercise their voices at the state level.

Braver Angels Arizona has worked with hundreds of Arizonans passionate about uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America by hosting local debates, presentations, and signature Red/Blue workshops.

We believe in the principle of representation by the people, for the people.

Common Sense American 

Together, we bring common sense to American politics.

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