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Leadership Team

Chairperson - Lloyd Kirsch
Secretary - Pat Moran
Outreach and Partnerships - Jim Greene
Political Lead - Brian Bell
Membership - Pat Dion

Communications -Marla Presley
photo by M Presley


In late August 2022, a mere ten weeks prior to the midterm elections, a group of concerned Del Webb Dove Mountain homeowners gathered to express concerns for their community, state, and nation. Representing diverse backgrounds, political opinions, sexual orientations, and belief systems, yet there was one common thread: caring for the world we live in, the fair & respectful treatment of all people and an unshakeable belief in the importance of our democracy.


As we collectively explored our mission and principles, we formed this expression of our beliefs.




Why the name Civic Responsibility Alliance?


Civic because we are a single community of people, who believe we must have civil discourse about the issues and concerns within our society to gain an understanding and reach resolution.


Responsibility because collectively, we are all accountable for making our society better.


Alliance conveys that we are a group of people who agree with a common set of principles, whose intention to collaborate work with all people and organizations willing to have an honest discussion about policies that further society and our democracy, avoiding culture wars and falsities which distract us from our challenges and opportunities.



Why are we not a group of Democrats or Republicans or just a political club?


Understanding politics is an important avenue for affecting change. Arizona is a “purple” state representing almost equal thirds of registered voters amongst Democrats, Republicans, and Independents so we must work with a wide swath of the electorate to elect local, state, and national candidates who support our mission and principles.


In addition, we recognize our purview beyond politics. We hope to change the tone of a divided society by participating in civil conversations between people with varying viewpoints. Through this process, we hope to gain understanding and reach a compromise which addresses the concerns of society and still respects individual rights.

Thanks for taking time to read about us and hope you will join us in changing the tone of the conversation.

Civic Responsibility Alliance (CRA) is an action and advocacy group of concerned citizens, who support our principles and are committed to an inclusive and diverse democracy that works toward the greater good for all people.

We believe our highest responsibility as citizens is to participate in our democracy by caring for others, voting, and helping our nation move “towards a more perfect union.”

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